Flame Red 8 Inch Hoverboard Self balancing Electric Scooter

Flame Red 8 Inch Hoverboard Self balancing Electric Scooter

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    • Up to 3 hours ride time from a 2 hour charge
    • Max Speed: 10-15 km/h | Min weight: 20kg | Max weight: 100kg | Max gradient: 15 degrees
    • Board Weight: 12.6 kg | Dimensions: 67.5cm x 30cm x 30cm (L x W x D)
    • Wheel Size: 8 with solid tyres
    • 350W x 2 = 700 Watt Motor Power
    • Built in Bluetooth speaker for music on the move
    • Front LED lights

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Self Balance Electric Unicycle Scooters (UK Test House Approved)
    • 1x CE Approved safe Charger with UK 3 pin
    • 1x Remote control fob (Remote key for power on and off)
    • 1x English User manual
    • 1 Year warranty

    The 8 Inch Smart Two wheels Balance Hoverboard Blue/White/Gold/Flame Red are the best walking tools. The advantage of the Two wheels Balancebalance Hoverboard is taking its fast and intuitive operation. In just minutes, your Hoverboard and you are one. This new type of electric skateboard gives you extraordinary sensations.

    The 8 Inch Smart Balance Hoverboard Black/Blue/White/Gold/Flame Red works with its integrated gyroscopic system. Rock your body and you're in the desired direction: lean forward, it advances; straighten up, it slows; lean backwards, it moves back (hence the English name "Self-Balancing Two Wheels Scooter").

    People under the age of 14 should always be supervised by an adult.

    When riding an hoverboard, you risk serious injury from loss of control, collisions and falls. To reduce the risk of injury, the rider must always wear a helmet and other body protection such as knee and elbow pads. You must read and follow the detailed instructions in the manual.

    All our balance boards and chargers have been tried and tested over a long period and we don't have any problems. They also come with all the relevant safety documentation and have been thoroughly tested by independent European safety testing authorities.

    Power switch LED works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances.
    Voice Alert Beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacity

    How to reset the hoverboard:

    1. Make sure the hoverboard is turned off, and the hoverboard is on the ground leveled.

    2. Hold down the power button for 20 second and release.

    3. After the hoverboard has turn off, turn it back on and test it out.

    4. Do you see a green circle on the side of the hoverboard when you step on a pedal?

    If you see a red circle, please do reset it again.

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