About us

Smartbalancewheel.co.uk offers an online platform for high tech innovation products in outdoor transportation and energy industry to UK retailers and end users. We sells hoverboards all over Europe. All of our products are top-notch quality and we sell them for a very affordable prices. Not only that, our products are CE certified. We use only the highest quality parts and authentic 100% safe to operate CE certified Li-Ion battery cells.

We already have over 53,893 satisfied customers in the United Kingdom and all over Europe.

Smartbalancewheel.me.uk is committed to providing high quality products and unsurpassed customer service to our customers. Our dedicated customer care professionals research and compare the most competitive products in the market. At Smartbalancewheel.me.uk, we know the value of a customer and are continually adding additional convenience and services to better serve our clients. The addition of our new website is a way to add flexibility to your shopping and buying process. With our new website, you can get most excellent products with lowest cost, apply for your comfort lifestyle. Our primary goal is to continue to provide our valued customers with quality services and products.

Why You Should Choose Smartbalancewheel.me.uk

Save money with the lowest prices.

We will help you by listing the best deals and save you a tremendous amount of money by our market price analyst. Our dedicated staff will research and compare the most competitive price for you.

Free. Simple. No hassle.

We guarantee that the products offered on our website are the lowest in price that you can find anywhere! Our service is free.

Expert customer care professionals

We are staffed with experienced professionals who are ready to assist you every step of the way from comparison shopping to application to claims. As a Smartbalancewheel.me.uk customer, you have the peace of mind knowing that your concerns will never be ignored. We guarantee that your questions will be answered quickly and accurately anytime during your purchasing process and throughout the duration of your policy.

Largest selection of personal transportation

We carry a full line of products. Whether you want individual products for yourself or your family, we’ll provide you with excellent products.

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